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Lonsen owns a state-level enterprise technology center, and an open research institution covering production, research and innovation platform; The established Lonsen Research Institute also integrated the Innovation system of Dystar Germany, Singapore. Lonsen also sets up Lonsen Chemical Research Company integrated with R & D projects and creates an innovative science and technology platform for theoretical research, technology and production development, industrialization and technical service.

Organization Setting: State-Level enterprise technical center-----Lonsen Research institute, National certified enterprise technology center,  Professional Chemical Research Company, Dyestuff research center, Postdoctoral Scientific research workstation. 

Technical Team: Technical Team: Lonsen Group owns the employees around 2538 with junior college degree or more, including 1112 technical personnel. 

Technical Function:

The decision making, consulting, planning and development center of Industry and technology

The technical research and development center of new products, process and facilities.

The industrialization transformation, promotion and application center of technological achievements.

The application, solution and service center of textile

The center of joint research and international cooperation and exchanges

The talents introduction and training center.

Research Cooperation:

Lonsen has built up various types of research cooperation with many famous colleges and universities such as ZheJiang Industrial University, ZheJiang University, TsingHua University, TianJin Chemical Technology University, HangZhou Normal University, ZheJiang Sci-Tech University, SiChuan University, participated and effectively run 6 unions of CEEUSRO, implemented 30 projects of research cooperation, and introduced domestic and foreign dyestuff experts in the factory to launch technology consulting, exchanges and cooperation with 10 professors and experts from universities and research institutes.

In 2007, Lonsen,TsingHua university ,and Qinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute cooperated with each other to launch the subjects of “the key technology development and application of the resource circulation utilization in the Fine Chemical industry park”, which was included in the  “Eleventh Five-Year” national science and technology support programs.

In 2009, as the vice chairman of the units, Lonsen Group participated and created the “dye industry technology innovation strategic alliance” which was approved by National Science and Technology Ministry. Lonsen also launched many subjects independently and cooperatively, which were included in the “Eleventh Five-Year”national support programs by Ministry of Science and Technology.

In 2009, Lonsen cooperated with China Fashion Color Association and built CNCS color supplying solution chain.

In 2009, Lonsen, China Textile Information Center, and China Fashion Color Association established “China Dye Color R&D Base” to develop the new technology of dyestuff high fastness.

■ In 2010, Lonsen together with HangZhou Normal University and ZheJiang University established “ Innovative team of fine chemicals production process”, which has been identified as Key innovative team of ZheJiang Province. 

■ In 2011, Lonsen and ZheJiang Industrial University cooperated and developed with each other on National Science Key Project “dyestuff waste water treatment and development of new technology in recycling” .