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Lonsen always adheres to the concept that talents and development come first, perfects the talents planning system and personnel system, creates favorable environment for the talents and fully plays enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the talents, which are a strategic act to build innovative enterprises. Lonsen also fully promotes the implementation of “talents training and introduction program”.

Employee Training:

At present, Lonsen has established relatively stable patterns of training and carried out large- scale training in the different levels, such as inviting experts and scholars to hold different kinds of training activities and internal training featured with “teaching, helping, guiding ”. Every year, there are about 2600 types of training and exchange activities in the different levels. Meanwhile, Lonsen selects technical management personnel to participate in a variety of domestic and foreign professional training courses and academic exchange activities.

■      Help the new employees to establish career planning

■      Set up internal training system

■      Create platform for development of employees.

Elite Training:

With the policy of enterprise development strategy and target of nurturing elites full of vigor, good business quality and active enterprising, Lonsen is working hard to improve its management ability and technical levels. Lonsen has tried to broaden talents development channels and improved the enterprise training system via departmental leadership responsibility, occupation rotation, and internal circulation: firstly,creating a good technical innovation environment for the elites and encouraging the potentials to take responsibility voluntarily. Secondly, strengthening the team building, selecting the elites as the leaders of projects, developing products and implementing industrialization with team work. Thirdly, creating the opportunities of academic exchange, training and further education for the elites, and encouraging them to take part in the domestic and international influential technology and industry conferences.

Incentive Optimization:

Incentive objects cover the core technical management personnel, making the management and staffs closely connected. According to the particularity of innovation activity, Lonsen manages the synchronous coordination of management system among innovative teams, and successfully flattens the organizational structure. The team core elites can directly involve in the project decision, making the process transparent, fair, and democratic.The shared cooperative atmosphere lays the foundation of the team success.

Incentive System Includs:

■     Project manager responsibility system

■     Talent Evaluation system

■     Stock Option Incentive Plan

■     Job Title Assessment

■     Career Planning

■     House Allowance

■     Scientific and Technological Achievements Awards