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The Environmental Protection in the products and production: Meets the requirements of Ecology and Environment of EU.

■       Develop and Industrialize a new type of functional disperse dyestuff and clean production process

■       Develop ecological disperse dyestuff in the textile dyeing and printing

■      Develop and Industrialize forbidden Azo dyestuff and intermediates substitute.

Constantly update the new ecological products: replacement of forbidden dyestuff, meeting the new tendency of fabric ecology

■       The development of “disperse black” with deep black, high fixation and synergism, greatly reduces the amount of dyes used in the dyeing and printing, meanwhile, reduces the waste dye residues in the waste water.

■      “Disperse BLACK ECO with high strength”, “Disperse Red FS”, “Disperse Red CBN”, ”Acid Blue 284” improve the dyestuff quality and ecological levels.

■       “Disperse EE Series” secures the textile products.

Continuously win the national and industry recognition

■      “Disperse Red FS” was awarded National Key New Product by the Ministry of Science and Technology, won the second prize of Science and Technology awarded by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association

■       More than 10 products such as “Disperse Red CBN”. “Acid Super Black LD”. “Disperse High fastness Black ECT”. “Ecological Rapid Dyeing Disperse Black EE” were awarded as the National New Products

■       “Developing and Industrialization of the forbidden Azo dyestuff and intermediates substitute” was awarded the second prize of Science and Technology by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association in 2009

■       “Ecological and Rapid Dyeing Disperse Yellow Brown EE” was awarded of science and technology progress by Sinopec Federation


Environment Protection in the production and products: Circular Economy, Developing Green Chemicals.

With the catalytic hydrogenation as the core technician of the green chemical integration technology and the development of circular economy, Lonsen who is on the basis of fine chemical intermediates industrial chain such as Catalytic hydrogenation of aromatic amines, explores the involvement in the field of catalytic hydrogenation synthesis intermediates, develops the fine chemicals industry of Catalytic hydrogenation, and builds industrial development platform mainly based on Aromatic amine derivative intermediates.

Continuously Update the New Ecological Products: Effectively reduces the waster water, discards pollution.

At present, Lonsen is developing the business from single products M.P.D to the products series such as M.P.D, Resorcinol, m-aminophenol, p-phenylene diamine, and 2-Amino-4-acetamino anisole etc, among which the M.P.D and Resorcinol is taking lead in the market, Lonsen’s products line has the positive effects on solving the problems in waste water and discards pollution from traditional Iron Powder reduction and Alkali fusion producing Resorcinol.

The development of clean production process among the aromatic amine intermediates products group, greatly improves the enterprises’ core competition, and makes the leading position in the specific fields of industry. The aromatic amine intermediates is now one of most potential industries in Lonsen.


Lonsen develops the technology of continuous nitration and liquid phase catalytic hydrogenation, which are the first company to achieve continuous nitration of benzene, hydrogenation to produce M.P.D and industrialization of two isomers of benzene amine critical separation in China,making the sources and energy utilization rates increase substantially. This is a world leading technology.

2-Amino-4-acetamino anisole

Lonsen uses the process of Catalytic hydrogenation to replace the traditional process such as the reducing process of iron powder. Comparing the process temporarily in the domestic market, this process completely overcomes the pollution of Iron mud and acidic waste water.


Lonsen is devoted to the production development and research of M.P.D catalyzed hydrolysis to produce resorcinol together with aminophenol, strengthening synthetic and separation process, improving facilities, solving the problem of the low yielding of traditional sulfonated alkali fusion process and environmental pollution, meanwhile, easing the situation of resorcinol which depends on importing and combining the the M.P.D industrial line, which will have more prominent advantage of industrial chains.