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With the higher social requirement of environment protection, It is difficult to keep balance between environment and economic benefits for the chemical enterprises. As the leader in the dyestuff industry, Lonsen leads a positive role in the energy saving and emission reduction in dyestuff and intermediates. With a lots of achievements in the environment protection, Lonsen was awarded “advanced energy saving and emission reduction units among Petroleum and chemical industries” by Sinopec Association, and the “Eleventh Five-Year” advanced units in environmental protection among petroleum and chemical industries

The core technology of dyestuff 

Reactive dyes production 

Lonsen is the first company to achieve the industrialization of Multi-Azo dyestuff,testing methods with temperature and PH control online, and directly drying liquid reactive dyes, which solve the problem of salinity waste water in traditional reactive production, and this process has been introduced in China.

Production technology of Nitrosyl sulfuric acid with high performance diazotization agent

Lonsen Group is the first enterprise to develop the production technology of nitrosyl sulfuric acid with high performance diazotization agent, which improves the wide application of nitrosyl sulfuric used in the dyestuff synthesis, and promotes the technology progress in dyestuff industry.

The project of technology research and industrialization of disperse dyestuff clean production.

Lonsen develops the integration technology of continuous high performance diazotization reaction process and facilities with DCS control, which fully carries out three principles of “reduction, recycling, resource”. meanwhile, Lonsen also strengthens the process and reforms the technology in dyestuff production process and different production process, which improve the safety of production facility itself. The great reduction of waste water emission, and avoiding acid waste water and gypsum emission solves the bottlenecks in the waster water and discards control during the continuous development.

Core Technology of Intermediates

Industrialization of M.P.D Clean Production integration technology

With the clean production of industrial integration technology, “continuously nitrification and catalytic hydrogenation, effective and precise separation, full utilization of waste sulfuric acid and water resource, fully use and recycle production waste heat, and whole process DCS control”, Lonsen achieves the emission reduction from the source and source recycling, which is the circular economy model of fine chemical industry.Comparing with the process in domestic, The new facility with annual output 20,000 tons can save the energy (converted into 16,000 coals), reduces waste water 136,000 tons, which can make 35 million yuan by energy saving and emission reduction every year.

M.P.D Produces Resorcinol with the process of hydrolysis

Lonsen develops the technology of M.P.D continuous catalytic hydrolysis into Resorcinol, cogeneration technology of Aminophenol and Resorcinol, high purity products refined process, cleaning process with waste water resource utilization and waste heat recycling energy.

Catalytic hydrogenation process of 2-Amino-4-acetamino anisole
Lonsen is the first company to achieve the process of Catalytic hydrogenation to produce 2-Amino-4-acetamino anisole into industrialization, also realizing the dilute sulfuric acid waste water resource utilization and management. Comparing the production pattern of iron powder reduction, waste acid lime neutralization which is with the annual output of 10.000 tons, can reduce 300,000tons of waste water, 97,000 tons of discards (gypsum and iron mud waste).