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(Longsheng group user agreement)

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Article1, Membership
Once you agree to our service articles and are finished registration, you will become a member of our website,enjoying our service for free. Otherwise, you can not share our membership function.

Article2, Member Rights Limits
Every member should abide by this agreement and other network agreements, specifications, progress and conventions.

Article3, Self Information of Members
1. In order to provide better service for you, please provide your information in detail and update it in time once there are any changes. All consequences will be your responsibility if any fake information was provided.
2. The members are responsible for their own registration information. Any loss caused by your own negligence will be your responsibility. The members should be liable for their actions on the website.

Article4, Membership Abolishing
Upon finding the following actions, we reserve the rights to abolish your membership, with no compensation required.
1. Actions which will make our website suffer fully or partly;
2. Any fraud and sharp practice to get the membership;
3. Illegal commercial actions, like publishing any article or picture which relates to sensitive politics, religion, pornographic and other national laws or regulations.

Article5. Service Provider Rights
1. Hold the rights for approval, accepting and denying the member enrollment; also rights for repealing or stopping membership.
2. Rights for members’ rights and obligations revision; and the revision for web service content.
3. The service provided by our website can be used by members independently. Without our authority, members have no rights to grant or transfer your account to a third party. Otherwise, our websites reserve the rights for investigating legal responsibility.

Article6, Obligation for the service provider
1. The service provider is responsible for technology maintenance for the web network and communication system. Ensuring the smooth and high-efficient functioning of the site.
2. The website has the right to temporarily stop the website service if any non-counter available matters occur.
3. Not responsible for misplacement of passwords.
4. Our website only provides related net service, other equipments or fees needed will be the members’ responsibility.

Article7. Supplementary Articles
1. The range mentioned above is limited within Lonsen Group Websites.
2. Members who violate related laws and regulations, should take responsibility for themselves. Our website claims no responsibility in this circumstance.
3. Any problem not mentioned in our website can be referred to related laws and specification. Lonsen Group has the right of final explanation.