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In 2010, Lonsen acquired Dystar by subscribing the convertable bonds of Kiri Singapore. Dystar is the leader in dyestuff, dyestuff resolution, leather resolution, high performance chemicals, new technology and make-to-order dyestuff. Dystar has strong retailers and brands, perfect global web, and the eco & environmental sense keeps ahead in the market.

Dystar was combined by the textile dyestuff business unit of many companies like BAYER, HOECHST, BASF, ICIZENECA, MITSUBISHI and MITSUI. Dystar owns more than 30 sales entities in global markets, which serves to 7000 customers, occupies almost 21% market shares in the world. Dystar has sales and technical support in every key market, sets up agencies in 50 countries, 18 plants in 12 countries. The customers of Dystar include international famous brands like Nike, Adidas, SWAL-MART, LEVIS etc.

Address: DYSTAR GLOBAL HOLDINGS (SINGAPORE) PTE LTD, #10-01 International Business Park, Singapore

Website: http://www.dystar.com