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Longsheng built its fortune on chemical industry, and expanded its related industry both vertically and horizontally. Meanwhile, Longsheng also strives for bigger and higher resource allocation. Nowadays, Longsheng diversified its industries in chemicals, real estate, auto, finance etc.

Textile Chemicals

Textile Chemical Business, is one of  Lonsen's core business. It includes five sub-companies as Zhejiang Longsheng Dyestuff Chemicals Co., Ltd, Shanghai Colva Dyestuff Industrial CO., Ltd , Shanghai Colva Dyestuff Industrial CO., Ltd Shangyu Sub-company, Shangyu Jinguan Chemical Co,Ltd & Shangyu Big Sunshine Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.WELL PROSPERING LIMITED.

The "Colvazol"  was recognized as Chinese Famous Brand Reactive dyes. The “Longsheng” trademark was recognized as Zhejiang  province Famous Trademark and Chinese Famous Trademark, also has registered in nine countries and regions.  Lonsen is the biggest

disperse dyestuff prodcution and exporting base, also the biggest reactive dyestuff production base. Lonsen also is the only production base that can produce liquid reactive dyes.    Longsheng’s dyestuffs has been exported to over 70 countries and regions ,and has a good reputation and popularity, widely favored by the overseas customers.

In 2009, Lonsen invested to build up a  reactive dyestuff factory with annual capacity 20,000 ton in India . Since 2010 Lonsen successfully invested to the world dyestuff’s giant –  Dystar Global Holdings, and take it as an opportunity to have the last word in dyestuff industry .

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