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Development Longsheng is an extension of Lihai Commune Microbe Insecticide Factory, which was founded on 13th June, 1970 and focused on insecticide production.
In 1979, Shangyu Textile Printing-Dying Aux Factory was founded.
The first product: 920 Plant Growth Stimulant.
The first Aux product: CPU.
Accumulation In Mar 1984, Shangyu Textile Printing-Dying Aux Factory was renamed as Shangyu Aux Main Factory.
In Dec 1991, renamed as Zhejiang Aux Main Factory.
In Feb 1993, renamed as Zhejiang Dyestuff Aux Main Factory, and the products changed from aux to dyestuff and intermediates.
The first dyestuff production was in 1992.
The first 100 million output value break was on 15th Sep 1993.
Promotion On 28th Dec 1997, a standard stock company was built.
On 18th Jan 1998, the first shareholding meeting of Zhejiang Longsheng Group was held. Mr. Ruan Shuilong was the chairman.
On 23rd Mar 1998, Zhejiang Longsheng Group was renamed as Zhejiang Longsheng Group Co., Ltd. after reorganization.
The first time they obtained own-operation export and import right was in 1996.
The first time they obtained ISO certification was in Oct 1998.
On 1st  Aug 2003, Longsheng was listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
In July 2005, Zhejiang Longsheng held the first extraordinary shareholders meeting and passed a non-tradable shares reform.
In Nov 2007, Zhejiang Longsheng Group Co., Ltd issued additional A shares.The first listed company:
In Aug 2003, “Zhejiang Longsheng” Shares were listed.The first newspaper:
In Mar 2004, Longsheng News was published.The first cooperation project with the world top-500-enterprises: Zhejiang Longsheng Holding Ltd. cooperated with the Japanese company, Itochu Corporation.The first Chinese brand:
 In Sep 2006, “Colvazol” reactive dyestuff was awarded as a famous Chinese brand.The first well-known trademark:
In 2007, “Longsheng” trademark was awarded as well-known Chinese trademark.The first overseas investment:
In Oct 2007, Longsheng became a shareholder of India Kiri.The first short-term financing channel innovation:
In Dec 2010, Longsheng obtained 2.4 billion of finance.The first listed as world chemical industrial top-10news:
On 5th Jan 2010, ICCA announced the news that Longsheng acquired Dystar was listed as top 10 world chemical industrial news in 2010.