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Longsheng built its fortune on chemical industry, and expanded its related industry both vertically and horizontally. Meanwhile, Longsheng also strives for bigger and higher resource allocation. Nowadays, Longsheng diversified its industries in chemicals, real estate, auto, finance etc.

Inorganic Chemicals product  >  Sulphuric acid


no coloe or weakyellow,transparent,liquid,inorganic intrnsive acid,good capacity of absorptionwater,also strong capacity of corrosion. When dilution sulphuric acid, itshould be dumped into water,can not dump water into the acid, preventing fromexplosion accideng on account of partial sulphuric acid surface overheat.

Quality standards:

GB/T 534-2002

Noxious nature and protection: strong incentive and sear to respiratory organ. If splashed to skin youwill suffer serious searing. When there is incentive symotin in respiratoryorgan you should tale breath of fresh air and Na2CO3 water,drink warm milk mixed with some Na2CO3 or mineral spingwater. If compressive sulphuric acid is splashed to skin you should clean itsith abundant water first,then clean with 2% Na2CO3water;if compressive sulphuric acid splashes into eyes you should clean youreyes with H3BO3 liquid firstly, but this does not meanok, you have to go to hospital for treat .When fire accident happens you shouldrescue with foggy water, sand,or carbon dioxide fire-extinguisher,high-pressurecolumn water is forbidden to be employed preventing sulphuric acid fromsplashing over and hurting someone.


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