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建材化学产品  >  FDN-09 Low-alkali High-concentration High Efficiency

I.、Product Features and Application Scope
  1、Main ingredient is β-naphthyl sulfonate formaldehyde condensate, sodium sulfate≤0.2%., of tiny content.
  2、Good dispersion, water reduction and early-strength effect. It can speed up the turnover of templates and fields, accelerate construction progress and shorten the completion period. It is applicable for concrete with early-strength and high-performance requirements and other concretes that need to enhance strength and improve long term performance.
  3、Increase the concrete slump and improve its liquidity, applicable for ready-mixed concrete, pumping concrete, high-liquidity concrete, grouting material, etc.
  4、Without air entraining. It is applicable for all grades of concrete with steam curing condition and natural maintenance.
  5、No corrosion on steel bars. It is applicable for precast concrete, cast-in-place concrete, reinforced concrete, prestressed reinforced concrete, etc. in various projects.
  6、Good compatibility with portland cement, regular portland cement, portland slag cement, portland flyash cement, etc. Alkali content in FDN-09 is extremely low, indicating positive function for alkali-aggregate reaction of concrete, and thus prolongs the service life of buildings.
  1、Powder or liquid. The powder appears to be brownish yellow, and the liquid appears to be tan. Both are nontoxic, odorless and incombustible.
  2、Blend dosage 0.3-1.5% for powder (as cement amount), recommended blend dosage 0.75% for powder (as cement amount).
  3、When added into concretes:
 ● While keeping the cement consumption and slump unchanged, water reduction will reach more than 20%, and increase 1d compressive strength of concrete up to 60-100%, 3d compressive strength up to 50-90% and 28d compressive strength up to 30-50%, to be further reinforced in later period.
 ● While keeping the water-cement ratio and water consumption unchanged, slump of concrete can be increased by more than 120mm.
 ● While keeping the slump and compressive strength basically unchanged, consumption of cement can be saved by over 18%.
 ● The durability and other mechanical properties of concrete can be evidently increased and improved.
  4、Homogeneity indexes.
Testing Item
Total Solid %
Fineness 0.315mm residue on sieve %
PH Value
Sodium Sulfate %
Liquidity of Cement Paste mm
Enterprise Standard
Note: standard blend dosage: 0.75% for powder
  5、Performance indexes of concrete mixed with FDN-09.
Experiment Item
Water Reduction %
Ratio of Bleeding %
Air Content %
Temporal Distribution for Setting min
Compressive Strength 5
Shrinkage (d
Corrosion on Steel Bar
Initial Setting
Final Setting
Enterprise Standards
Note: standard blend dosage: 0.75% for powder

III、Application Method and Notice
  1、Blend dosage range is 0.3-1.5%, and application blend dosage is 0.5-1.2%. Appropriate blend dosage can be selected according to project object and the materials used during application.
  2、FDN-09 powder is recommended to be applied in solution. It can be used in dry form, but make sure mix it thoroughly with concrete.
  3、If this product is applied with adoption of stagnant water blending method or post-blend approach, water reduction and dispersion will be better.
  4、This product can be formulated with concrete additives of other varieties. It can be “double blended” with blending materials such as fly ash, ground slag, etc. But the blend dosage shall be calculated based on the total of cementing materials.
  5、When this product is used for the first time or cement variety is changed, concrete trial preparation shall be conducted according to the adopted materials and construction requirements in the field. Construction mixing rate shall be adjusted based on testing result to serve as instruction for construction blending.
IV、Packing, Transportation and Storage
  1、Powder pack: woven fabric bag with plastic liner. Net weight: 25kg±0.13kg or 50kg±0.25kg or 600kg±1.0kg or 875kg±1.0kg. Liquid pack: airtight plastic or iron drums, or tank car in bulk.  
  2、Cautions should be taken to prevent from being torn by sharp-ended objects while packages are being transferred or delivered. When being contaminated by high humidity or moisture in case of leakage, it can be prepared in prescribed ways for further use without surrendering any effect.
  3、It should be stored in a dedicated warehouse that is well-ventilated and dry. It remains effective in one year. After the expiration date, it can be used again if the testing results fall within the established range.