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Longsheng built its fortune on chemical industry, and expanded its related industry both vertically and horizontally. Meanwhile, Longsheng also strives for bigger and higher resource allocation. Nowadays, Longsheng diversified its industries in chemicals, real estate, auto, finance etc.

建材化学产品  >  Methylal (Dimethoxymethane)

  Methylal (dimethoxymethane) is a kind of transparent liquid with the smell similar to chloroform, and its molecular formula is CH3O-CH2-OCH3 and relative molecular mass 76.09.
  Methylal is often used as fast evaporating solvent, plasticizing agent for resin, anodyne, spice, etc. It can also be mixed with other solvents, forming a mixed solvent which can be used as solvent adhesive, solvent paint thinner, paint stripper, etc.
  Methylal has excellent physical and chemical properties (good solubility, low boiling point, easily soluble in water), and can be widely applied in products such as cosmetics, medicines, household supplies, industrial auto supplies, pesticide, leather brightener, paint, printing ink as well as in the rubber industry. Since methylal has good degreasing capability and volatility, and can be used as cleanser in replace of F11, F13 and chlorinated solvents, it is an environment-friendly product which can replace Freon, reduce the emission of volatile organic compounds and air pollution.



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