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建材化学产品  >  LonS-600 super-efficiency Pumping Agent

  LonS-600 abides by GB8076-97, JC473-2001, and ASTMC494.
  LonS-600 water reducing, reinforcing and retarding, and its main components include naphthalene based superplasticizers, amino sulfonic acid series, pumping aids, retarder, etc., combined with various surface active substances. Its products contain extreme low content of chlorine salt and sulfate, with no corrosive harm to reinforced steel bars and no adverse effect on concrete shrinkage. It has good adaptability to portland cement, and is widely used in cast-in-place concrete, reinforced concrete and prestressed reinforced concrete projects. It is suitable to prepare concretes above C40.
  1、Nontoxic, odorless and incombustible.
  2、Water reduction: If other conditions remain unchanged, with LonS-600 applied, the water reduction of the concrete reaches 18-28%; the strength and other properties are improved at the same time.
  3、Plasticity: If other conditions remain unchanged, with LonS-600 applied, the concrete slump reaches above 20cm, construction performance of concrete improved greatly.
  4、Retarding: LonS-600 is of certain retarding performance which can be adjusted according to customers’ requirements.
  5、Slump retaining: LonS-600 is combined with slump retaining components, and can be widely adapted to all kinds of cements.
II、Recommended Blend Dosage
  Blend dosage range of LonS-600 in concrete is 1.5-2.5kg/100kg cementing material. Normally, 2.0kg/100kg cementing material is used. Before using this product, users should consider the local raw materials and construction conditions, and determine the optimal blend dosage through testing so as to ensure stability of concrete quality. Especially for the cement taking anhydrite and phosphogypsum as retarding components, experiment is extremely important.
III、Blend Method
   Mix the measured LonS-600 with some mixing water, and blend the compound into the concrete; then add appropriate volume of mixing water into the concrete and mix them evenly.
IV、Packing and Storage
  1、LonS-600 shall be packed in plastic drums, 200kg/drum; or tank car can be adopted in bulk packing.
  2、LonS-600 shall be stored in sealed containers to prevent water leakage and water evaporation.