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建材化学产品  >  LonS-P (B) Poly Carboxylic Acid High Performance Pumping Agent

  LonS-P (B) is a kind of high performance pumping agent, containing modified polycarboxylate and other polymers. It is specially designed to reach high water reduction and less slump loss. It is especially suitable for high temperature conditions to improve greatly the plasticity retention of concretes.
I、Performance and Features
High water reduction
Excellent early and post strength, improving permeability resistance and durability of concrete   
High fluidity
Easy for casting and hardening, no isolation  
Less slump loss
No need for remixing; convenient to be transported to the casting site 
Low shrinkage, creep
Improve volume stability of constructed objects, reduce shrinkage risk
Good moisture retention
Easy for pumping, no bleeding
Outstanding working performance
Easy for construction, with good surface and appearance
II、Application Scope
  Large projects, turnover of mixing facilities speeds up.
  High fluidity concretes
  Strong durability concretes
  High strength concretes
  Ready-mixed concretes
  Precast concretes
  Mass concretes
  Long-distance transport concretes
III、Blend Dosage
  Blend dosage is finally determined by mixing proportion, ambient environment and the required water reduction and workability. The regular dosage is 1.1% as cement amount, and the dosage range is 0.5-2.5%; The optimal blend dosage shall be determined based on the trial mixing proportion.    
  Dosing: LonS-P (B) can be directly added into mixing water or the wet concrete already mixed with mixing water; it is not recommended to add LonS-P (B) into dry concrete mixture. Separate batcher and feeding tube are needed.
  1、LonS-P (B) is a safe and environmental friendly high efficiency superplasticizer featuring low dosage, high water reduction and good cement adaptability without any influence upon the environment.
  2、LonS-P (B) is brownish liquid, and its homogeneity indexes are as follows:
Total Solid%
Density g/ml
PH value
Cl- content %
Alkali content %
Formaldehyde content
  3、Performance indexes of concrete blended wtih LonS-P (B)
Water reduction %
Ratio of bleeding%
Air content %
Temporal Distribution for Setting min
Compressive Strength, %
shrinkage (d
Slump Loss within 1 hour (mm)
Initial setting
Final setting
Enterprise standard
Note: Standard blend dosage 0.3% for powder (as cement amount).
  4、LonS-P (B) cannot be used together with other water-reducers and superplasticizers.
V、Packing and Storage
  LonS-P (B) shall be packed in plastic drums, 200kg/drum; or tank car can be adopted in bulk packing.



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