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Longsheng built its fortune on chemical industry, and expanded its related industry both vertically and horizontally. Meanwhile, Longsheng also strives for bigger and higher resource allocation. Nowadays, Longsheng diversified its industries in chemicals, real estate, auto, finance etc.

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  Dispersant MF is used for disperse and vat dyes as grinding dispersant and filling agent during standardization, or as dispersant when manufacturing color lake
As to dyeing industry, it is mainly used for vat dye pigment pad dyeing, color stabilization acid dyeing and dispersing as well as soluble vat dye dyeing. In rubber industry, it is used as stabilizing agent for latex and as auxiliary tanning agent in leather industry. This product is soluble in concrete as early-strength water-reducer, which can help shorten the construction period, save cement and water, and enhance cement intensity.  
  Methylene bis methyl-naphthalenesulfonic acid sodium
  Appearance: brown to black powder
  Solubility: easily soluble in water of any hardness
  PH value: 1% water solution PH=7-9
  Ionicity: Anionic
  Stabilizing agent: acid resistant, alkali resistant, alkaline water resistant, salt resistant
  Affinity: having affinity with protein and polyamide fibre, but with no affinity with fibres  such as cotton and linen
  Compatibility: can be used simultaneously with anion and non-ionic surfactant
  Specification: in compliance with GB9294-88
  Dispersancy: ≥100
  Temperature stability: ≥145℃
  Guarantee period: 6 months when kept in sealed and dark condition.
IV、Application Method
    Generally recommended dosage: 0.5-1.5g/l


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