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  It is mainly used for vat dye pigment pad dyeing, leuco acid dyeing, dyeing of vat dyes with dispersibility and solubility. It can also be used for dyeing of silk/wool mixture to make silk not be colored. In dye industry, it is mainly used as auxiliary dispersant during dispersing or color lake manufacturing, or as stabilizing agent for rubber latex, or as leather auxiliary tanning agent.
  Sodium Salt of Polynaphthalene sulfonic acid
  Appearance: light brown powder
  Solubility: easily soluble in water of any hardness
  Ionicity: Anionic
  PH value: 1% water solution PH=7-9
  Ionization: acid resistant, alkali resistant, heat resistant, hardwater resistant, inorganic salt resistant.
  Compatibility: can be used simultaneously with anion and non-ionic surfactant.
  Guarantee period: 6 months when kept in sealed and dark condition.
IV、Application Method
  With good diffusivity and performance of colloid protection, with no surfactant ofpermeability andfoamability; having affinity with protein and polyamide fibre, but with no affinity with fibres such as cotton and linen.
  1、It is used as dispersant and filling agent for disperse dye and vat dye. When carrying out fineness processing of disperse dye or vat dye, we can add dispersant and dye together into the grinding machine. The dosage of dispersant N is 0.5-3 times of vat dye or 1.5-2 times of disperse dye, or we can also add some filling agent during dye commercialization
  2、Vat dye pigment pad dyeing: For pad dye bath, normally 3-5g/L dispersant N shall be added, and generally 15~20g/L of dispersant N for original bath
  3、During disperse dye dyeing and terylene high-temperature and high-pressure dyeing process, normally 0.5~1.5g/L shall be added for the dye bath.
  4、As to azoic dye dyeing, it is used to improve level dyeing and friction fastness; generally, dosage of dispersant for naphthol bottoming bath is 2~5g/L, and dispersant N for developing bath is normally 0.5~2g/L.



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